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PA-WSU30 & PSU30

Baggage & Cargo Towing Tractor F1-40

PA-WSU30 & PSU30 | Water and Lavatory Service Truck | 3000 l

The Panus GSE PA-WST30-001, PA-TSU30-01 Potable Water & Toilet Servicing Truck is designed to provide airlines and the airport servicing industry, with an all stainless steel unit for servicing aircraft potable water systems. It is compatible with all present and known new generation aircraft.Improved design features simplifies aircraft servicing, provides economical operation, reduces flight delays, cuts maintenance costs and minimizes risks of environmental hazard. The totally enclosed self-contained module is suitable for mounting on a standard cab type chassis, it provides a compact, low profile unit for driving under both narrow and wide bodied aircraft.

Leading performance and design which comply with international standards, such as, IATA AHM970, 971, 910, 913, 915, etc. Our Potable WaterServicing Truck is designed with the capacity of servicing for A320, A330, A350, A340, A380, B737, B767, B777, B787, B747 and etc.